super sweet bowl

IMG_1699As icat said, Miss Fats has had a bit of a bad weekend.  However today was Super Bowl Sunday and Miss Fats was determined to buck up an celebrate the ultimate day of bad binge snacking with a playful and inventive dessert.

The challenge: use only what she had on hand.  What did this mean??

This monstrosity consists of a bottom layer of banana bread, followed by creamy baked french toast, topped with granola streusel and a maple syrup drizzle.  Sweet breakfast bomb.

It ended up being quite delicious: just imagine all your sweet breakfast breads on a plate covered in maple syrup.

Unfortunately Miss Fats doesn’t have a recipe for this one (mostly because she had no idea what the hell she was doing), but promises to make some tweaks (add bacon! more butter!), and share later. For now, just imagine some ooey gooey french toast and moist banana bread all up in your mouth.



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