Miss Fat Tuesday

Miss Fats showed up to work today and was rewarded! WIth a giant box of paczki (pronounced “punchkey”). Turns out Fat Tuesday is also a special day when Catholic Polish Midwesterners eat a lot of Polish jelly donuts right before Lent. Miss Fats APPROVES of this tradition. She proved it by eating the apricot one. Paczki are poofier than regular donuts, and have just a wee little bit of filling. Plus they’re called PUNCHKEYS, so you get to say PUNCHKEY a lot when there are PUNCHKEYS around, and that’s fun.SAMSUNG

Half an hour later, another co-worker showed up with MORE paczki! This bunch was from Glazed and Infused… Miss Fats isn’t sure if the chocolate heart shaped one was a true paczki or just a fun chocolate heart shaped jelly donut, but she sucked it up and ate it anyway. It’s a hard-knock life.SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

Happy Valentines Day. If only all the hearts Miss Fats breaks bled raspberry jelly.

Since Fat Tuesday got off to such a good start, Miss Fats decided to keep the awesome coming by collecting on a bet she won over the weekend. The bet was the loser buys lunch and the winner chooses where, so Miss Fats also received a delicious giant Sam sandwich from Lucia’s on North Ave. The Sam is always kind of hard to eat due to its size, but the bread has roasted tomatoes stuck to the top of it and that is an awesome thing. She also had a bowl of chicken noodle soup because IT’S FAT FREAKING TUESDAY!!!!! And 2 sugar free Lifesavers! Shit got cray! Miss Fats hopes some of you out there also learned about the wonderful world of punchkeys today!SAMSUNG


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