Fried and Fresh Life Advice

Miss Fats has to spend a lot of time reading.  So when she comes across some excellent life philosophy that combines her love of film and food, she has to share:
(Feel free to commence I rolling)

“we can declare that in the films of Ozu, tofu is no privileged cuisine…one of the characters in Late Autumn does declare that as he gets older, he crafes nothing so much as hijiki, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, dried diakon, and tofu–fresh and deep-fried…Ozu’s world is never one to be reduced to some simple dichotomy between everyday simplicity and the richness of ceremony.  On the table at the pub where old friends from high school or university gather, whisky and sake bottles line up next to each other, along with bottles of beer, complementing a cornucopia of mea-centered Western cuisine vegetable-centered Japanese cuisine.” -Hasumi Shigehiko, “Ozu Yasujiro”

Miss Fats feels we should all embrace this little life advice: eat all foods (see all films).  Fried and fresh.  Except for deep fried sushi. Never. Ok Miss Fats needs to go eat some sushi now. Good bye.


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