triple creme craft attack

IMG_1717Miss Fats likes think of herself in cat years. Which puts her at 168 years old, and thereby excuses her from any and all activities she’s “supposed” to be doing at her inappropriate age.  This means she can pursue all hobbies of the elderly (including knitting, Jeopordy, and scrabble- holla.).  Naturally, this meant when Miss Fats’ super fun friend suggested a valentines day craft night she was all over it.

What’s better than crafts? Cheese plate. Duh. Miss Fats and friends started off the night with a couple of decadent blocks of blue cheese and some INSANE triple creme whyaren’tyoualwaysinmylifecheese. As if those two treats weren’t enough, they had a crusty seeded baguette, crackers, red wine, and her personal favorite: bon maman jam (don’t even get MIss Fats started on how much she love this jam). Miss Fats was introduced to a beautiful thing last night: triple creme or blue cheese topped in cherry preserves. do it. do it right now. She can’t stop thinking about it. Throw that on a little baguette and you have pure goodness.

Following the greatest flavor combination in the world (still talking about the cheese and jam), she dined on a tasty curried veggie soup.  This creamy, warm bowl of delight was a delicious blend of parsnips, onion and cauliflower, topped with greek yogurt, pistachios and a little drizzle of maple syrup.  (Yeah you check that fire in the background too.)

IMG_1716Fully charged and stuffed with cheese, Miss Fats and friends hit crafting HARD.  Complete success. However, apparently slightly delirious from all that milk fat, inspiration may have come a little too freely.  Friends of Miss Fats, you are getting come weird cards this year: get ready for it.