Miss Fats is a pair of ladies who currently brunch (live too, I guess) in Chicago.  They believe that life should be filled with breakfast-like items and fluffy cats, and therefore see the internet purely as a vehicle for these two items.

Sunday Sundaes is named for their love of sunday brunch and ice cream, and was thought up on a cold Sunday, over sundaes, in January of 2013.  They see this blog as a space to showcase their love of food pornography, all things cat-related, tasty recipes, and restaurant reviews.

Here is a bit on Miss Fats as individuals (though they’d prefer it if you thought of them as a single obese tabby cat):

DipticM” half of Miss Fats is technically a graduate student, though she prefers to think of herself as a professional movie-goer.  Though she pretends to have “intellectual” conversations about the latest episode of “Downton Abbey,” she can more frequently be found “stress-baking,” and trying to think up ways to kidnap Maru’s fluffy face.  Miss Fats is originally from Seattle and misses Pho very much, but feels she can no longer live without Chicago’s many brunch options and excessive pizza object.  She is constantly in search of the perfect salt-to-sweet dessert ratio (and has subsequently developed an unhealthy addiction to peanut butter and chocolate), will wait in any line for a doughnut, and believes everything tastes better with a fried egg on top. Put an egg on it.

DipticJ” spent her formative years eating tater tots in Idaho, and then the better part of a decade trying to find tater tots to eat in Boston. She had very little luck, and ended up wasting a lot of time at art school making C- drawings of naked dudes, yet earning a solid A+ in rock show attendance.
Favorite things to push buttons on include: microKorg, Hello Kitty breakfast machines (toaster, kitty-bunny waffle iron), fro-yo dispenser, Sodastream. Water is a dish best served fizzy. Whiskey is a dish best served often. Brunch is a dish best served every dang day.
After she finishes this candle-lit dinner and takes a long walk on the beach, Miss Fats hopes to one day end up married to Seth Cohen & living in a mid-century ranch house; one with a backyard full of palm and avocado trees, a watermelon patch, and a bunch of artisanal prodigy goats who make their own milk into cheese. #lazy

Miss Fats’ young cat-son Rider Die believes the bigger the bill, the harder you ball.  Rider spends his days getting real paid, and his nights alternately napping like a boss/looking for snacks. He has inherited Miss Fats’ love of all things pizza. She raised this boy up right.



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